RWV Industries

RWV Industries

The Client

RWV is a Sydney based company that specializes in earthing, lightning protection and soil resistivity in regards to protecting buildings.

Business Challenge

   RWV’s system was out of date

   The client needed their system to be updated

   RWV was growing due to hiring of new staff

   Their new system needed to be compatible graphics, speed and security and capable of handling their new staff members


   The solution was to provided consultative approach to see where NK2IT the improvements could be made appropriately

   NK2IT presented the best possible option according to their budget

   Using and implementing HP hardware that configured the solution and provided the best pricing for RWV

   NK2IT will provide extended support and warranty for the next coming years


   RWV now enjoys a new, updated and stable system

  This system meets all technical requirements

   RWV employees need not worry

   All system requirements including speed, graphics etc. are in tune with the needs of RWV employees

   This system keeps the employees happier thus better productivity levels