Makinson lawyers

Makinson lawyers

The Client

Makinson d’Apice Lawyers is a law firm located at Sydney, Australia putting down their roots in 1859. Since, the firm have operated at the forefront of developments and loyally supported their clients with expert advice as the commercial and legal environments have evolved. Today Makinson d’Apice has a practice of over 100 people and work with enterprises and organisations that are succeeding at the very highest levels. Their clients range from private companies to listed corporations and from charities and religious organisations to state and federal government and private individuals.

The Environment

40+ servers having combination of physical and virtual environment. Using Office 365, exchange online for communication and respective office applications. Heavy in documentation storage and exchange via email correspondence. Makinson had purchased Endpoint Encryption license to have Disk-Based Encryption.

Business Challenges

Makinson d’Apice Lawyers deals with sensitive information. Whether it’s a computer with sensitive corporate information, or a thumb drive with government secrets, the challenge was to ensure there is no unauthorized access to that data should the device be lost or stolen.

The Solution

The solution was to implement Symantec Endpoint encryption (which typically includes disk encryption and removable media encryption) that protects data, rendering it unreadable to unauthorized users.
Disk encryption protects a hard drive in the event of theft or accidental loss by encrypting the entire disk including swap files, system files, and hibernation files. If an encrypted disk is lost, stolen, or placed into another computer, the encrypted state of the drive remains unchanged, ensuring only an authorized user can access its contents.
Additionally, support to encrypt files stored on or copied to removable media devices was provided using removable media encryption. As with disk encryption, removable media encryption helps prevent unauthorized access to information on lost or stolen devices (USB flash drives, external hard drives). In this way, Makinson d’Apice Lawyers can benefit from the productivity gains associated from collaboration using removable storage without putting data at risk.
Furthermore, Symantec Endpoint Encryption clients were to be deployed using Active Directory policies. Active Directory policies, also known as Group Policy Objects (GPOs), are designed for deployment to the computers that reside within Active Directory forest or domain.

Project Outcomes

The outcome of this is more confidence in the firm; customers need to know they can trust with their information. Achieved more protection and convenience without the added time and cost of adding IT resources.


    Secure sensitive information thereby protecting business
    Sector-by-sector drive encryption for maximum protection
    Helps make data on hard drives unusable/unreadable to unauthorized users
    Automatic encryption – no user action needed
    Runs in the background – no work disruptions
    Multiple recovery options include help-desk support to prevent lockouts and to get users up and running while keeping data safe
    Offers quick and easy deployment