About Us

Information and communication technologies (ICT) form a versatile toolkit for improving business productivity, reducing expenditure and enhancing business drivers, so have become imperative to gain a competitive edge in today’s global market.

NK2IT Pty Ltd is a leading Sydney-based ICT consultancy and systems integrator (SI) provider for SMBs, corporate businesses and government agencies. The NK2IT team provides consultancy services that covers systems integration, managed services and reselling services. The NK2IT team specialises in custom innovative ICT solutions to maximise business productivity and efficiency and empower clients to make more informed business decisions with faster Return on Investment.

At NK2IT, our core value is “people satisfaction” – we understand that every business is unique; hence innovation, personalisation and communication are central to our service delivery.

The NK2IT difference lies in our ‘Lifecycle Consultation Process’ (LCP)

NK2IT engages a LCP approach to develop holistic ICT solutions in close correspondence with our clients. We provide comprehensive after-sales support and ongoing consultancy to manage changing usability and networking needs, so ensure services provide lasting support to our client’s current and future business goals.

For your business’ comprehensive IT support and SI needs, the NK2IT team are ‘At Your Service’.

Our capabilities

   Business intelligence (BI) & Productivity Solutions
   Networking solutions (server & storage)
   Managed services & support
   Software as a service (SaaS)
   Software licensing
   Data cabling & network infrastructure
   Cloud storage & virtualisation
   Core infrastructure (Desktop & Client)
   Network security & antivirus software
   Power and cooling package
  Communications and telephony
   UNIFY communications package
   Data back-up and disaster recovery


NK2IT Pty Ltd

222, 20 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista, NSW – 2153
1300 065 248 (13000NK2IT)