The client

  • Taegutec is a leading multinational metalworking company.
  • Taegutec is not only South Korea’s largest specialist industrial cutting tool manufacturer, but also an important global provider of tungsten powders, solid carbide rolls and specialized industrial products.
  • Access to a secure, reliable network is critical for Taegutec to stay connected to their Head Office and communicate with partners & clients around the world.

The problem

  • Taegutec merged their Sydney & Melbourne branch offices (BO), and relocated to a single Sydney office & warehouse facility.
  • The client required both consolidation of BO data and migration of their data centre from the old main office to the new facility.
  • The client’s network needed to be reconfigured to recognise & support an increased number of users.
  • The new facility required a complete data cabling package to give the client access to the reconfigured network.
  • The client’s CISCO telephony solution required reconfiguration, including call diversion & forwarding , as well as IVR re-programming

The Solution

  • NK2IT provided a complete, end-to-end Data Centre migration & data consolidation solution  to support Taegutec following their office relocation
  • NK2IT performed a comprehensive assessment of the client’s new facility to determine the parameters of the Data Centre migration project & engaged in negotiations Taegutec, to determine the best & most cost-effective solution for the client.
  • The BO racks were disassembled, transported securely to the new facility & re-assembled/reinstalled by NK2IT’s technical team.
  • The client’s network was reconfigured & data from each BO was consolidated into the refurbished network.
  • NK2IT reconfigured the client’s CISCO telephony solution (in partnership with Telstra) and connected the network to ISDN & PSTN lines.
  • The NK2IT technical team designed & implemented a complete data cabling solution, enabling the client to access the network access via verified BYODs & desktop devices.
  • NK2IT implemented UPS & firewall solutions to secure the network & equipment

Project outcomes

  • NK2IT successfully migrated the client’s Data Centre to the facility.
  • The client’s network was reconfigured & BO data was consolidated
  • NK2IT’s technical team connected the client’s new network to ISDN & PSTN lines, enabling access to telephone mains, fax & EFTPOS facilities.  

Customer benefits

  • Flexible access to critical files & utilities over a secure network
  • Increased network capacity to support a greater number of users
  • Connection to telephone mains, fax & EFTPOS facilities
  • BYOD & desktop device protection & reliable data-loss prevention using UPS