Hanjin Shipping
Hanjin Shipping

Hanjin Shipping

The Client: Hanjin Shipping (Beyond the Ocean)

Hanjin Shipping is Korea’s largest, and amongst the world’s top ten container carriers. They transport over 100 million tons of cargo annually via a fleet of some 170 containerships, bulk and LNG carriers, operating approximately 60 global liner and tramper services.

Hanjin employs some 5,800 global staff in their 230 branch offices, which are located in ~60 different countries. With 6 inland logistics bases  and 13 dedicated terminals at the world’s major hub ports,  Hanjin Shipping is rapidly building its global logistics network.

The client’s outdated Alcatel telecommunications systems, servicing around 50 users across major hub ports in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, were very poorly managed by BTAS.


The Solution

  • Hanjin Shipping wanted to implement a more effective and productive telecommunications methodology to save cost and time.
  • Negotiations spanned 4 -6 months, during which time numerous solutions were evaluated.
  • The client interacted best with the OpenScape Business solution, a package NK2IT offers in collaboration with Unified Communications (UC).

Package Inclusions:

  • UCC for Standalone and Multisite environments
  • Voice, Presence, Conferencing, Contact Center, Messaging, IM, Mobility, Fax
  • UI Integration of OpenScape Web Collaboration
  • Connectivity to Circuit


Details of the project

  1.  3 x OSBiz X5R – Main unit
  2. 45 x OS 15T handsets and 3 x OS40T handset
  3. 48 x Outlook Integration Licenses
  4. Company Auto Attendant licenses
  5. Conferencing and Mobility licenses for a few users
  6. ISDN Trunk cards


Customer Benefits

  • The brand new UC enabled system improved the functionality of core business operations.
  • Integration into Outlook (voicemail-to-email feature) enhanced the performance and mobility of the Sales team, which operates from various locations.
  • Improved office-wide employee visibility on the network and IM feature was widely appreciated by the employees
  • Platform is scalable with IP, hence the solution supported predicted annual growth of the organisation without requiring hardware change.


Success Factors

  • Our On-site solution demonstration at Hanjin Shipping’s Sydney office appealed greatly to their desk-oriented employees.
  • Implementation of the UC system was minimally disruptive, and did not require installation of much additional hardware.
  • The comprehensive after-sales technical support provided on behalf of UNIFY through its partner base was greatly appreciated by the client’s IT team.
  • The solution was a strong effort on behalf of NK2IT and UNIFY in satisfying the customer’s requirements while adhering to their budget.